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Kim is a well respected Instructional designer responsible for winning several Brandon Hall awards and creating the content library for Engage in Learning, Xebec and others.

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If you build it, they will come?

Posted by Kim Whitmore on 29-Jan-2018 15:06:19

eBook - 12 tips for improving eLearning uptake

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Behavioural economics or why is there a fly in my urinal?

Posted by Kim Whitmore on 07-Jul-2016 14:07:01

Why did Schiphol airport engrave images of a fly in their urinals?

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Designing multi-device learning

Posted by Kim Whitmore on 15-Feb-2016 09:00:00

Designing process for multi-device learning

When you start to design multi-device learning solutions, it makes sense to first take a look at what already works well on mobile devices in terms of websites and apps that you and your learners may already use.  Multi-device learning is not really about just transposing a traditional e-learning course onto a range of devices.  You rarely see “click next” apps or mobile web content. In fact, scrolling and swiping are now back in vogue.

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Customised compliance training for international drugs company

Posted by Kim Whitmore on 28-Jan-2016 10:00:00

One of our library customers needed both Data Protection Act (DPA) and Bribery compliance training in a hurry. They also needed them to be customised to suit their particular industry, supply chain and customers.

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