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Customised compliance training for international drugs company

Posted by Kim Whitmore | 28-Jan-2016 10:00:00

One of our library customers needed both Data Protection Act (DPA) and Bribery compliance training in a hurry. They also needed them to be customised to suit their particular industry, supply chain and customers.

It doesn’t sound like a project made in heaven – tight timescales and very specific compliance requirements. So what were the critical success factors?

Image from engaging anti bribery elearning courseImage from Data Protection Act elearning course


Existing courses and documentations made it straightforward for our client’s lawyers and the compliance team to edit and specify their needs.

Systems design

Conventions, software design and editing tools that make it quick and easy for our development team to rework graphics, audio and text without introducing errors.

Project management

Both parties had people managing the project who were responsive, flexible and could get things done.

The outcome was compliance elearning that did exactly what the client wanted at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to create the two courses from scratch.

Engage in Learning can customise any of our existing courses for your needs and can also create a bespoke package depending on your companies requirements.

Take a look at our Compliance Library



Our team of experts work with you to provide innovative and engaging eLearning solutions to meet both your training and technical challenges. Our interactive courses use visually compelling graphics and images, with built in multimedia elements to deliver key pieces of information clearly and concisely to create maximum impact and an eLearning solution that keeps you in control.

In fact, you can personalise our courses for your learners with relevant and timely information using our unique in-course editor. This allows you the flexibility to:

  • Add your own graphics and text (for example in-house policies & procedures, useful checklists, or news and updates)
  • Embed PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and other documents
  • Add links to video and other powerful media
  • Create links to SharePoint and website content
  • Brand courses with your company logo to highlight the investment your organisation is making in staff development

New content and combined courses

If it's completely new content you need added, our in-house customisation services include design and development of specific content to meet your needs creating Induction or general compliance courses combining existing course materials into a completely new course just for you.


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