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Generic, bespoke or DIY eLearning? Panel of experts at eLN 2017

Posted by James Morelli-Green | 15-Nov-2017 13:30:27
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Engage in Learning Managing Director, Chris Horseman, took a seat at this year's eLearning Network (eLN) Big Debate panel, where leading authorities from the world of digital learning debate the answers to your questions on a range of important topics. This year saw the panel of eLearning experts thrashing out the benefits of generic, bespoke or DIY eLearning content. Ever pragmatic and no stranger to putting his expertise to good practice, Chris was very sure of his response.

This year, the eLN celebrated its 30th anniversary and marked the occasion with a hugely successful and well attended event. In fact, this not-for-profit organisation, which prides itself on being run by learning professionals for learning professionals, hosted its biggest ever digital learning conference with a three-track programme, over 40 conference speakers, a dedicated exhibition and a networking party to celebrate the eLN’s 30th birthday and the best in innovative learning. Engage in Learning are proud to be one of this year's event sponsors and to have the opportunity to be a part of this year's panel of experts.

Managing Director, Chris Horseman, attended as a panelist for eLN’s ‘big debate’ sessions, one of which involved consideration of the benefits of generic, bespoke or DIY eLearning, entitled “DIY, external developer or off-the-shelf: what is the best way to build an eLearning course?” The aim of this session was to explore the advantages of different content development approaches for successful staff training solutions.

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Chris was resolute in his view that to optimise online staff training, an eclectic approach proves to be the most cost-efficient and organisationally relevant solution. By combining ready-to-use, or off-the-shelf, eLearning courses with a level of self-customisation, organisations are able to ensure accredited and standardised learning content is rolled out from induction processes through to refresher training and staff upskilling that is relevant to their own branding and company policies. This content then remains consistent and fully brand-specific from the moment a new starter is entered on to your HR system to progress reports landing in a line manager’s inbox.

It's important that the ready-to-use courses you select are ensuring that high quality and standardised content is being accessed by all users and that progress is measured in a consistent manner, which makes it possible to compare the relative performance of each individual. But you may also need the flexibility of customisable courses for your own branding and company policies, which is exactly why Engage in Learning provide courses with a customisation tool that puts you in control. Our unique in-course editor allows you to personalise our ready-to-use courses for your learners with relevant and timely information. This can include adding your own graphics and text (such as in-house policies & procedures, useful checklists, or news and updates), embed PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, video and other powerful media as well as branding courses with your company logo to highlight the investment your organisation is making in staff development. See more about how this works in the video below.

So there you have it; generic, bespoke or DIY? If it's recognised staff training you're after that is also personalised and organsationally relevant, then ready-to-use content options combined with a robust in-course editor are your most cost-effective and efficient solutions.  

Visit our website and see how our unique features, including our in-course editor, puts you in control of your staff training.

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