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If you build it, they will come?

Posted by Kim Whitmore | 29-Jan-2018 15:06:19

eBook - 12 tips for improving eLearning uptake

This mangled quote refers to the building of a baseball stadium. And maybe it’s true for ball games, but for eLearning? Not so much.

We are often asked how to improve eLearning uptake and our answers are shaped by what we know works for other customers. So we’ve pulled together 12 top tips to help get a new eLearning project off to a good start or to reinvigorate a stalled initiative.

We’ve grouped the tips into two areas.

Developing a marketing and communication strategy -- get some buzz going about this fantastic resource

Creating an excellent eLearning environment – make sure that the learning experience doesn’t disappoint

It’s not an exhaustive document but will hopefully spark off some thoughts about making your eLearning system as effective as it can be for your organisation. Click below and download this free resource.

Get eBook

We know that companies need eLearning solutions that are specific to their need, training budget and learning culture, which is why we work in partnership with our customers to ensure the right solution is provided.

We also offer practical help and guidance on how to effectively engage staff in the learning journey. Once you’ve downloaded and read our free eBook you will be in the best position to begin creating an in-house communication strategy that takes into account staff needs as well as the needs of your organisation. By understanding and aligning organisational needs and the training needs of individual employees, you can ensure that you are encouraging participation in an excellent eLearning environment that engages and promotes success through a fully automated and relevant learning experience.


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