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"What do you understand by equal opportunities in the workplace?" Classic!

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 01-Aug-2017 15:57:32

I was having a little chat with someone the other day about the recent pay-gap storm that erupted following a certain British broadcasting company revealing the salaries of it's high-profile presenters. Initially, the immediate backlash I recall seeing on the morning news amused me. As I sipped my early morning cup of Joe, I instinctively chuckled - "Haha, busted!". But then I realised that this isn't funny. There appears to be a significant pay gap between male and female staff, and a further division in the ethnicity of its best paid presenters. Suddenly, I wasn't so amused. If this is accurate, then we need to seriously have a little think about the equality and diversity issues that it draws attention to and about the legal obligations that companies in the UK have...

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Looking for the 'L' word at work: Legionella awareness of course!

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 21-Jul-2017 12:19:59

When you’re at home or at work, onshore or offshore, washing your hands, taking a shower after a lunch time session at the gym or just doing the coffee rounds (I don’t do coffee rounds, although I do moan if my workmates leave me out!), I’d risk a guess that most people don’t give a second thought to the quality of the water they’re using. I assume that most people take it for granted that the water they are using is safe. Well, I don’t want to worry you, but I do want to raise your awareness about a little something called Legionella, which is far more common than you might think...

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Help! My staff want to upskill: is it viable and can I afford it?

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 19-Jul-2017 10:11:41

Research frequently shows that offering the opportunity for access to training and upskill courses within a company can improve productivity and motivation amongst employees, and it's affordable too - yipee! In fact, research recently released from Groupon reveals that businesses are actively upskilling staff at an impressive rate, with nearly a third of employees in the UK taking measures to upskill through extra training and qualifications in the past five years. Wondering why? Well, more flexible working patterns and an increase in the availability of versatile online training courses means that UK employers and employees alike are seeing now as a perfect time to learn new skills, with a focus on workplace eLearning.

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations a pain in the neck?

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 12-Jul-2017 15:17:25

It seems that one of the most overlooked health and safety compliance regulations that slip through the gaping net of business negligence concerns the use of display screen equipment. In fact, in 2014 research was carried out by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare which found that a staggering 73% of businesses in the UK failed to comply with regulations and less than half of all employers (47%) even felt that they fully understand the regulations. *GASP!* The study was carried out among 138 company directors with HR or Health and Safety remits, representing a total of between 185,083 and 349,802 employees. The implications of how many employees that translates to who are at risk in the UK at any one time is gobsmacking!

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Fire safety training tips for better health and safety compliance

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 07-Jul-2017 13:31:08

Whatever your business, it's not just a sufficient fire risk assessment that should be considered (which you must have done, by the way - regularly!), but also staff training in fire safety awareness and a fire safety strategy need to be in place. And, if all that sounds like a bit of a pain, have a little chat with yourself about the reputation of your business and the implications of a prosecution landing at your doorstep should a fire in your premises cause anyone any harm. With these considerations in mind, here are several common issues that illustrate the importance of competent staff training provisions.

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Creating a staff training strategy for successful eLearning

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 03-Jul-2017 09:40:27

 You know what they say, "Look after your (team) and your (team) will look after you". Employees who feel unappreciated or unrewarded will likely seek out a new employer who values them and invests in their future. You see that? Valuing and rewarding employees doesn't end at a cheeky slap on the back and the provision of occassional perks (although they do go a long way!), it includes an investment in their future; the provision of training opportunities and a clear route to success. The rewards? They feel integrated and efficient, an asset to a company they are in tune with and a sense of accomplishment. Indeed, an employee who struggles in a role they aren’t trained to fully engage with is likely a demotivated, anxious and underperforming one. You no likey, they no likey. But how do you manage the path to success? With a plan...

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Stop destroying your eLearning success!

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 30-Jun-2017 16:17:25

It can be argued that if you or your team members are not satisfied with your eLearning management system, it's because of an over-reliance on it or your failure to manage the learning journey properly. I know, right - scandalous accusation! Well, before you do this to your desktop or mobile device...

...hear me out. This comes from the reliable folks at the Aberdeen Group who have conducted research (and those guys were not too cool for school! ...is that even a compliment?) to determine how organisations are leveraging their Learning Management Systems and managing the learning experience of team members. Brace yourselves, according to their results, there are a couple of key habits that are destroying the effectiveness of your eLearning experience. Read on and get some sellotape for that poor monitor...

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UK anti-money laundering measures in cheque (...sorry!)

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 27-Jun-2017 11:12:35


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What does modern slavery have to do with me and business compliance?

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 16-Jun-2017 17:20:32


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The General Data Protection Regulation has got HR feathers in a flap

Posted by James Morelli-Green on 15-Jun-2017 14:46:49

All organisations handling personal data are currently quaking in their boots - you can literally hear their soles clacking! Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but the European General Data Protection Regulation has got HR feathers flapping as they now prepare for its introduction. So, what is it? What do we do? Well, your pals at Engage in Learning have the answers, have updated their workplace training courses and provide some guidance here to help you understand and prepare for compliance...

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