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Suspicious packages training wrapped up

Posted by Kate Carter | 06-Nov-2018 14:00:18

An unattended bag or package is more than likely harmless, but never assume that it is.

Police evacuated Terminal 4 at London Heathrow just a few hours ago after a suspicious package was found at a check-in desk.

A major operation was launched as Metropolitan Police officers set-up a cordon at the scene.The incident - which was eventually resolved fairly quickly - cause huge disruption and cost not only in delayed flights and traveller inconvenience but also in the use of emergency service personnel.

It is clear that correct procedures need to be followed - especially when responsible for public safety - and that those people who are responsible are confident that they can recognise a suspicious package and deal with it accordingly.

A new interactive training course from Engage in Learning  - Suspicious Packages - uses real-life scenarios and situations to advise on what to do when faced with a bag or package that may be suspicious.

The HOT procedure (Hidden..Obviously suspicious..Typical)  helps you decide whether you’re looking at a piece of lost property or a suspicious bag. If you are somewhere that could be a target for a bomb threat, you should also consider the current threat level. For example, a government building, a travel hub, a major financial institution.

The course also covers the 4C's: CONFIRM CLEAR COMMUNICATE CONTROL as well as how to judge safe distances.

The course comes complete with a downloadable eBook which  gives the learner detailed guidance on how to check if a package received in the mail is genuine or not.

Other features of the course include a post test and completion certificate which test competence and understanding of the subject.

This online course forms part of the Engage in Learning Health and Safety series and helps delegates with Health and Safety responsibility ensure that the training they receive is effective and delivered in a no nonsense way.

Our engaging RoSPA approved* online courses cost-effectively deliver the Health and Safety Awareness Training all your employees require to stay safe.

We offer award winning design, quick and easy set-up and great value. Our friendly, expert team will be happy to help.

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