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Attending the Learning Technologies Forum is worth its weight in gold stars

Posted by James Morelli-Green | 14-Jun-2017 16:29:14


There’s something quite liberating about entering the Learning Technologies Summer Forum as a newbie to the industry! Literally, the second day into my new job as Digital Marketing Manager with Engage in Learning transcended into a new first day as I attended the LTSF 2017. For the second time this week, I experienced exhilaration and inquisitiveness as I was face-to-face with a unique environment and a forum of experts in the e-learning industry, and this time I had the opportunity to meet plenty of existing and prospective users too - talk about having the best of both worlds!


How on earth do I start unpacking what I got from such a dynamic and face-to-face experience? Not the giveaways, they were easy to unpack! Well, what I got was an energetic day where professionals visiting Learning Technologies Summer Forum could have a tour of workplace learning in 2017 and in the future as they filled the floor space, engaged with industry experts on stands and took in some rather innovative seminars. I learned quickly that this was an inimitable opportunity for e-learning vendors and users alike to really engage with each other in a packed program of free, forward thinking and educational seminars and an exhibition area showcasing some of the UK’s leading industry suppliers.

Indeed, as footfall fell onto the floors of Theatre Four, our own Mark Edmonds, Account Director at Engage in Learning, presented a lively session on Totara, our LMS of choice. Here, Mark demonstrated its automation of training workflows using a combination of both pre-recorded walk throughs and interactive discussions on current and future benefits of such a powerful LMS. Delegates could get to grips with how Totara is flexible, intuitive and can be configured to automatically push training to groups of learners based on a set of criteria, such as new starters who need to go through an online induction; a key need in choosing your workplace e-learning solutions.

Mark LTF2017.jpg

Mark Edmonds, Account Director at Engage in Learning, presenting a lively session on Totara, our LMS of choice.

This information was backed up on our own popular event stand too, staffed by our incredibly knowledgeable sales execs, Alexandra and Veronica, as well as the Managing Director himself, Chris Horseman. Attendees to the stand were treated to live demonstrations and informative walk-throughs of our range of critical workplace e-learning courses, HR integration models and, of course, the LMS of choice, Totara.

But it wasn’t just us putting on a good show, the Learning Technologies Summer Forum was chockablock with other e-learning experts and vendors, each providing an insightful look at workplace learning and its inevitable and increasingly fast pace of change, highlighting the exciting 21st Century shifts that users can expect for their own engagement in workplace learning. A daunting topic? Yes. Insightful and empowering? YES!

Managing Director of Engage in Learning, Chris Horseman, said: “These events are an important opportunity for us as an industry to educate people about the latest products, services and technology available. We recognise people are at different stages in their e-learning journey and that it is important to help people understand the benefits they can gain and how to overcome any challenges they might face as well as to put ourselves across as an appropriate partner. This is such an exciting industry, there is always something new to learn and experience even for people like me who have been in it for 30 years”. Well said, Chris!

What was my takeaway? Well, the Summer Forum brought together thousands of learning professionals to identify and develop key themes and services, and helped me, the e-learning industry newbie, as well as many other professionals, better understand how to align current and future e-learning to real world business challenges. We were also treated to a glimpse of the future of workplace e-learning - I feel like I’ve been primed for the future and I’m excited!

These are just my observations of attending the Learning Technologies Forum. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments! Also, sometimes it’s hard to say everything you want to say about an event as dynamic as the LTF 2017 in one post. So, go ahead, see if I’m right! Check out these additional resources for further details on this and future Learning Technologies Forum events.

While you’re at it, if you’re excited about how you can engage yourself or your staff in e-learning for the future (or if you’re not and you want to be!), just click below and have a look at the exciting opportunities that are at your fingertips. Don’t wait, the future is always upon you…

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