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Why Noise is a Risky Business

Posted by Kate Carter | 19-Jul-2018 12:24:00

Did you know that more than 2 million people in the UK are exposed to levels of noise which may be harmful?

Alarmingly, 1 in 6 of us suffer with some form of hearing loss in our lifetime but this trend is increasing. By 2035 it is estimated that this number will be more like 1 in 5.

As an employer you need to be aware of the levels of noise that your staff are exposed to and this should be done via a Risk Assessment. 

Sometimes it's more difficult to implement effective control measures. This is because employees often fail to appreciate the risks.

New for 2018, the Engage in Learning Noise Awareness training course is ideal training for both employers and employees. The course walks you through the statistics of noise pollution and the ways in which noise may be reduced at work.

The course - which like all Engage in Learning courses is packed with tests, multiple choice questions, video and animations - follows Alex (our virtual Assessor) as he works through the process of conducting a risk assessment.

Noise Awareness introduces the learner to the Hierarchy of Control which helps them implement achievable and effective controls. This approach groups actions by how effective they are in reducing or removing the noise hazard.

Simple solutions such as wearing effective personal protective equipment (PPE) can reduce the risk of noise damage.

Others simple measures include going for regular hearing checks or -  if you are an employer - ensuring that your employees do.


Whatever your own role is in reducing the risk of noise, this course will give you the perfect introduction to all aspects of noise awareness.

Contact us at Engage in Learning to watch a short demo or request access to the full course.


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